Subscription Information

Mileage Engine subscriptions are not currently available. If you wish to have the rate cap removed, you will need to subscribe to a RailMiles travel subscription.

RailMiles Mileage Engine

Welcome to the new version of the RailMiles Mileage Engine. This is provided with no warranty and is for your own personal use only. If you wish to use this service for commercial purposes, please contact the Realtime Trains Data Feeds team.

This service offers a point to point distance calculation between locations on the Great Britain railway network. You are permitted to make ten queries per 24 hours for free. If you wish to make more queries, you will need to sign up for a Mileage Engine subscription which is priced at £10 per year for unlimited queries or use a RailMiles travel subscription. Realtime Trains is able to show mileage information for most services in the detailed mode.

If you find errors with this service, please report it to RailMiles Support making it clear you are using the RailMiles Mileage Engine. You may not receive a reply but all messages are investigated.

Enter the origin and destination of the journey that you wish to calculate the distance for. The mileage engine will return the shortest route, not the normal route, between these locations.